Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jinx the Monkey gets an update

A few nights ago I was looking at my website and all of a sudden I realized how old my landing page was—almost 6-years-old. I've made changes and tweaks to Jinx the Monkey over the years, but the image of the gramophone on the flat blue landscape had remained intact.

It's an old drawing, and while there's nothing wrong with that, it feels incredibly dated to me now. It's a quality I can't help but attribute to it, even though I still like the drawing. My gramophone character actually takes center stage in the most recent comic I did for ARGH! (issue #6 should be out shortly in Spain). Here is the first panel.

(I posted another teaser panel earlier this year)

He's basically the same character, but I draw him a little differently now. Anyway, I'm not ready to do a major overhaul of my website, and it didn't feel right to replace the gramophone as the host, so I essentially lifted the drawing from the ARGH! comic (redrawing it in Flash) and created this new landing page.

While the original landing page (which you can still view here) was meant to serve as a "splash page" before you entered the Flash site, the new one provides jumping off points to my website, my comics page (which is also in dire need of a redesign), and my blog. At some point I envision adding animation—so you could crank up the gramophone and wake him before entering the website. But the static image works for now.

Have a look --> Jinx the

Before I sign off, here is another illustration of the gramophone that you may remember from a previous "What the Doodle?" The word that week was VINYL.

I think he looks good in blue (in case you didn't notice already...)


Jason Curtis said...

That's a great update've given it a fresh look but there's still a level of familiarity because you've kept the gramophone character (who I love by the way).

Good stuff.

giraffe said...

Looks super! Love the fresh vibe it gives out. Great stuff.

Benoît said...

This old music "maker" is really cool, your other drawings are also cools anyway. But this one is truly ass-kicking!

Bob Flynn said...

Whoa, I've been slow on my reply. Thanks everyone! Glad you like the update. I need to do more this guy, he's fun to draw. And musically talented!