Friday, May 08, 2009


We tried something new over at Creative Juices this week. We used a random word generator which spit out the word "vinyl", and then a bunch of us created artwork to go along with it. We're calling this exercise WTD? (What The Doodle?). Hop on over to see what my friends at FableVision came up with.


Jason Curtis said...

A great illustration Bob, I love it.

I'm really digging this idea you guys came up with. I think it's an interesting way for artists to flex their creative muscles.

What's fun about it is the fact that we'll probably create pieces that we most likely wouldn't have thought of otherwise.

I'm going to try it for sure.

Bob Flynn said...

You should give "Illustration Friday" a try, Jason. Similar idea...weekly basis. Good way to connect with other artists/illustrators, too.

Oh...and thanks as always. I like this one, too.

Jason Curtis said...

I've heard of Illustration Friday but haven't really looked into it...but I will.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Art Fan Ako said...

The hands remind me of Dr. Seuss... great illustration!