Monday, January 06, 2014

desertscape / 2013 wrap

Okay, here goes... looks like I've cracked through some of the image-posting issues I was having (previously). The new year has kicked in. I sketched up and colored this image the other day (drawing, below). I was out west for a couple weeks in October. The brief time I spent in the desert was just what I needed after working around the clock for the better part of 2013. The vast expanses out there...the enormity and beauty of it all, helped me realize that I need to slow down—to get back to writing comics and exploring ideas. Playing, really. This is me, playing.

I'd been able to get away from work in small windows last year—mostly time to hit the sketchbook to doodle. Been playing with markers more.

It's a nice break from working on the computer all day.

But I still have a lot of fun drawing away on the Cintiq, messing around with color.

In between assignments, I've been drawing my little Bravest Warriors dudes...

... all bouncy and cartoony.

So, the plan for the coming year is to set aside more time for this kind of play, and to dig back into writing and drawing comics again. We'll see how it goes. Like I mentioned in my previous post, you can follow along on tumblr, instagram, and twitter. I won't be posting as regularly over here.

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Hey, I know a handful of folks still check in over here (thank you), so I apologize for the lack of updates...since September. I just tried to get a new post going but I'm running into compression and color issues. (Looks like I'm not the only one.) I post more regularly over on Tumblr and Instagram (bobjinx), so I recommend following along over there until Google and Blogger sort things out.

Happy 2014!