Monday, April 22, 2013


I finally got an iPhone in January, and just around that time, Twitter launched the fun little app which I'm sure most of you know about by now, called Vine. It allows you take 6-second looping videos, with one of the simplest UIs around. Download it. It's free. Look me up, if you do (bobjinx).

Everyone figured out pretty quickly that it's a great app for on-the-go stop motion animation, because you tap on screen to record in quick cuts. I created this vine last night, with a bunch of post-its. Note: these videos have sound—you have to activate it (when they are embedded in-browser) to turn it on and off. It's on rollover; you'll see it.

Here's my mess of a desk, just afterwards.

Here's another—a post-it test I did to try out the technique.

I've been messing around with Vine off and on for a little while.
Back when we had snow, I captured a few snow doodles.

And here's one of me doodling on paper with a marker.
(By the way, it's tricky to draw with a phone in your hand.)