Thursday, June 18, 2009


I've been drawing wrinkly old men in my free time, warming up for a contest of sorts over at Phil McAndrew's LiveJournal blog. The rules: "Draw yourself at the age of 100! Wrinkly saggy old people are probably my favorite thing to draw and I hope you have fun drawing them too!" The reward (as if having an excuse to draw old wrinkly people isn't enough!) is a package stuffed with all sorts of Phil's artwork and goodies. If you haven't read his "Pearly Whites" comic, do so now—you'll quickly see he has old miserable saps down pat.

Now, onto the sketch dump:

This is the one I'll likely ink up and color. I see myself as a mostly bald man with a head full of bushy eyebrows, free to wear pit-stained undershirts, shorts, and saggy socks around the house. If I'm still making art, let's just say I'm not sure if I'll be all there—but hopefully just as enthusiastic about my work.

More wrinkles and eyebrows.

A case of the saggy upper lip.

One thing I look forward to is not having to make excuses about being a grump!

...and a few more wrinkly faces to wrap things up.

Also, I just joined Flickr. I put up some comics and illustrations—kind of a mess because I haven't organized anything. But look me up if you're in the area.


Renee Kurilla said...

These are great Bob...I really, really hope you end up looking like the fourth one down when you're older. HA! They're all so different...can't wait to see what you choose as the final :)

damon said...


love your drawings

Jason Curtis said...

Oh Lordy, these are good!

First of all, let me say that I'm loving the pencil sketches Bob. There's so much life to them.

I think my favorite of the bunch is the first guy. His posture is great, and the socks just crack me up., wait, maybe the second one is my favorite. His expression is priceless, and I'm lovin' the eyebrows!

...but, the Grump is dang funny too. There's just something amusing about crotchety old guys. I can just imagine him cursing at some kids.

You are a talented and funny man Mr. Bob. Thanks for the chuckle.

Bill Gonzalez said...

my favorite is Mr. Grumpy.

Bob Flynn said...

Thanks everyone! The grumpy character is surely one of my favs from the bunch. I think the first one speaks most to the artist in me. Will post a color version soon.

David DeGrand said...

Man these are so great, I have to agree that the first guy is my favorite but the grumpy guy is fantastic as well! Can't wait to see a final version.

Chris Houghton said...

This is wonderful Bob! Can't wait to see what you finally come up with!

Mike Rauch said...

Yowza! These are incredible. Would love to see them inked up and colored!