Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jog & Lunge


Luc Cromheecke said...

Great Stuff!!!

(sorry to hear about Nick Mag...)

Jason Curtis said...

Hilarious! These guys take the word "pliable" to a whole new level.

The top character looks like a lower intestine, and I can't imagine the ladies finding him all that attractive...unless he could find a female lower intestine I suppose.

Love the included pencil sketches, and of course, I don't even need to mention your inking. I just love your black and white art, it's so clean. No need for colour at all.

Great stuff.

Renee Kurilla said...

Hahaha these sketches are so weird and awesome. I like when you post your pencil drawings too.
You do a good job of translating the sketches to final inks.

Chris Houghton said...

AH, awesome drawings Bob. I especially love the Lunging guy!

Eddy said...

Hi Bob,
i have been inspired by your brush work in Flash so i thought i would give it a go. I am using Flash CS3.

Regarding the smoothing 40 does seem to be a good setting.
I would like to my curves to be a little less angular but when i adjust the smoothing to 35 the number of points increased hugely.

Do you ever chose the object drawing mode where every stroke is protected” in a blue box?. I have found it quite helpful. Its great the way you can adjust the stroke with the black arrow (particular when snapping is turned off!).

is it possible to increase the brush size or is there only 8 size settings?

Heres one of my efforts
once again, thank you for the excellent tutorials.
Love these new drawings you posted.

Bob Flynn said...

Well, thanks everyone! I was having one of those days where I was in one meeting after another. I got home, ate dinner, and decided to just "weird out" for a bit. I need to do that every so often to keep balanced :) Glad everyone likes seeing pencils...I'll keep doing that if I remember.

Eddy: Job well done! If you don't want it to look as wobbly, you could select segments of your line and use that manual smoothing tool. But I like what you have going here, so don't smooth it too much.

I don't personally use the object drawing mode (auto group), but I guess I can see how it would be handy. That's how Illustrator works. The brush sizes are locked in (stupid, I know!) I've been hearing good things about ToonBoom Animate as a vector drawing tool—and one of the things it DOES have is a variable brush size. That said, I typically use ONE brush size—one down from the biggest—and I zoom in to add detail (essentially like working with a smaller brush).

Flash MX is where it's at for drawing, though. I inked these both in MX. When I use CS3 at work, I set it to 40, but I have a harder time getting the same fluidity in my line. CS3 (Flash in general, really) has this tendency to create the angular output you're describing. The more you practice, the more you'll figure out how to avoid that, but I find it more problematic in newer versions.

David DeGrand said...

Super groovy! The jogging guy looks like a close relative of the fellow you drew for me. It's pretty cool when you "weird out"!

SteveLambe said...

Fantastic drawings, Bob.

david said...

hhaaha really awesome! thanks for including the ruffs!

Bob Flynn said...

Thanks, fellas! No one noticed that I totally screwed up the foot on the intestiney guy. It's facing the wrong way (wrong foot) on his left leg. His left not yours. Or if you did, you were kind.

Jason Curtis said...

It made me chuckle a bit Bob when you mentioned your "error". You drew a character that looks like an intestine (which isn't based at all on reality) yet you're concerned about putting his foot on the proper leg. Hehee.

Eddy said...

Thanks so much Bob.
i think i have Flash MX on my PC and will try it out.