Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Strong Thurmond and The Filibuster

Chris Duffy started up a blog called "The July 4th Project" where cartoonists are contributing their notion of the patriotic, all-American superhero—just in time for Independence Day. Chris says to interpret freely, "You can be sarcastic, political, pro-America, anti-America, whimsical, or nerdy (my favorite)!"

I did 2! Here they are, with a write-up to go along with them.

The frail and elderly Senator Strom Thurmond once took to the skies above Capitol Hill as Strong Thurmond, defender of the Southern delegation! Tourists would cry, "What's that up in the sky? A turd? A stain?" just before he smacked head-on into the Washington Monument. Strong Thurmond often joined forces with The Filibuster, known for his uncanny ability to speak at great length. When armed with a phonebook, no legislation could stand in their way (including the Civil Rights Act of 1957—ouch!). They hold the record for a full 24 hours and 18 minutes!

Draw something up and send it to Chris if you have time before the 4th!


Louise Smythe said...

haha! i love these!

David DeGrand said...

Man these are so great, really funny concepts! LOVE all the baggy and saggy skin on Strong Thurmond and I like how The Filibuster looks like the bastard son of The Hulk and Captain America.

Jason Curtis said...

It's impressive that after all these years, Strong Thurmond can still fit into his uniform...he may want to think about adding a utility belt now though, to hold such essentials as a tube of denture cream, a bottle of antacid, and maybe even some Viagra?

Great stuff here Bob!

Bob Flynn said...

They are quite the duo. I was definitely channeling The Hulk for The Filibuster, and a wrinkly pathetic Popeye for Strong Thurmond.

Thanks, as always!

Lots more superheroes have popped up on the project blog, so be sure to keep checking in on it.

Anonymous said...

These are awesome! Love the ideas, the character design, expression and just the over all cartooniness. Also love the "razor" drawing. That one really reads well too.