Saturday, June 20, 2009

SpongeBob: Belly Button Lint

After reporting somber news about Nickelodeon Magazine a couple weeks ago, I've got something more upbeat to share. I have a SpongeBob comic featured in the July issue of the magazine, which should be available at newsstand near you soon—if not now. I scanned the spread from The Comic Book (pages 34-35) which you can view larger below, because Nick Mag adds the speech balloons after I hand it off to them.

This was an especially fun comic to work on because I was fortunate to collaborate with cartoonist Corey Barba, best known for his kid friendly comic, YAM. Corey came up with the story concept and wrote it, in addition to providing me with a rough layout to work from. Here's a bit of process, including my pencils:

And finally, inks:

I inked it on paper, scanned it, and sent it off to Wes Dzioba for the splash of color that always brings the comic to life.

Knowing that the magazine is soon coming to an end makes the remaining issues extra special. And this is a great one, packed with comics and cartoons by James Kochalka, Emily Flake, Randall Kirby, Martin Cendreda, Alec Longstreth, Jef Czekaj, Travis Nichols, Scott Roberts and a new YAM comic by Corey! Also, plenty of illustrations including the likes of Hal Mayforth, Clayton Hanmer, and John Martz. Not to mention puzzles and gags! Definitely snatch it up when you see it.

Also, be sure to head over to Nicktoons Comics to read tons of comics from previous issues. And if you want more still, Chris Duffy and Dave Roman have a blog all about The Comic Book.


Honolulu Dogfight said...

Love seeing the pencils Bob, they look great. I never get tired of looking at this stuff.
Have you seen the new Kurtzman book by the way?

Jason Curtis said...

Great comic Bob, and seeing the process (from pencils to final piece) is always a treat.

I just love Spongebob's expression (in panel three) when he's looking at Patrick's belly button...freakin' hilarious!

I'll be picking up a copy for sure. Thanks for sharing.

Bob Flynn said...

Thanks for the comments, fellas. I ordered the Kurtzman book last week, George, after seeing Sherm Cohen's video flip-through of it (furthered by a recommendation).

I'm happy with the weirdo expression there, too, Jason. And the one where he hangs over Pat's shoulder.

Dan Moynihan said...

Hey Bob!
Nicely linty story.

spongy cool said...

hahahaha!! thats soo funny!! spongebob is the best show ever!!
good thing we humans dont have links!! lol!

cathrina said...

funny as usual!! :)