Thursday, June 25, 2009


The WTD? word for this week is RAZOR.

Here's the the sketch that got me started. I played around with a couple different color treatments for this one (alternates below).

I went for pure cartoon pop on the later.
Hopefully it glows a bit on your monitor.

You can check out the other contributions over at the FableVision's Creative Juices blog. If we stay on track, look for another WTD? in a couple weeks.


Jason Curtis said...

Well done Bob. This character is awesome!

...that's one close shave.

damon said...


Bob Flynn said...

Thanks...actually, the blade is a little dull—leaving a bit of stubble ;)

JustMe said...

OUCH! Why is he shaving his chest? Is he going to the beach and he wants to show off his bod? Hilarious drawing!