Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Carvin' Party 2011

Last night we had our 4th Annual Pumpkin Carving Party—which this year perfectly coincided with my birthday. We had a bunch of friends over to knife into some orange gourds. Here you see us setting them up.

Hit the lights!

I'm really happy with the variety this year from some very talented folks.

Another assembling of the freakish lot. And now for some close-ups...

Pumpkins by Matt Boehm and Ellen Crenshaw.

A beautiful skeleton with a flower in her hair, by Tami Wicinas.

A stoic looking dude, by Dan Brennan.

This crazy character is by Hannah O'Neal. Great teeth!

A friendly feline by Heeby Jeeby's Dan Moynihan.

Two great pumpkins by my wife, Loren Lee, and Liz Chrastil.

And my contribution!

These are the 4 pumpkins that have been selected for this year's aging process. You may remember this evil soul:

Here are his mummified remains, a year later. He's a keeper!
(recall this post from last year: The Story of 3 Pumpkins)

Thanks again to everyone for coming out!

And here are the line-ups from years past (2010, 2009, 2008).

// update: I created a combination image of all 4 years of pumpkins, which you can view over at my tumblr.


Casey G. said...

Those are excellent! Happy Birthday too :) They are giving me ideas for how we are going to carve our pumpkins today.

Raiben said...

wow! good job Bob, they are beautifull!! At Spain is not traditional make horror pumpkins, but i was make muy torch pumking for tomorrow at night...

Bob Flynn said...

I late thank you to the both of you!