Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Pumpkin Lineup

I had a bunch of friends over for my birthday last weekend and had a good ole-fashioned pumpkin-carving party. This lineup of characters is the result. A handful of them were by illustrators who blogs you may (and should) frequent, including Renee, Keith, and Allie.

Lights out!

These despicable characters are the ones my wife Loren and I created (mine on the left). I think Loren's is the more sinister of the two (I tried).

For pumpkins from previous years, click the halloween label.



David DeGrand said...

Cool pumpkins! I really suck at carving so I just painted mine this year, I'll try and post a pic. Happy Halloween Bob!

Bob Flynn said...

Definitely post a pic when you get a chance. I used to paint pumpkins when I was a kid...and THEN carve them.

I'm a little bummed this morning because we put our pumpkins out for trick-or-treaters and they were smashed. I normally like the watch the face get all old as they rot. Oh well...

David DeGrand said...

That sucks man, what bastards! I love watching them rot also. One time I carved one with kinda an old man face and as it rotted it got more and more old and freaky lookin'. Hope you had a good Halloween despite the jerk offs.

Unknown said...

These are too awesome!