Thursday, November 04, 2010


I have another comic for you this week, which may ring a bell if you keep up with the blog. This comic, called "Discovery", is a 10-pager I co-created with Dan Mazur for the Boston Comic Roundtable's Inbound #5: The Food Issue. Here are some earlier posts (about the book, and my process).

Again, Dan approached me with his script (no dialogue, but he described the pacing and imagery throughout). I signed on immediately, because it was right up my alley being wordless and whatnot. It was a perfect collaboration in every way imaginable.

So, here goes...

If you like what you read here, there are plenty more fantastic food-related stories by Boston comics artists in the book—a 176-page black & white trade paperback featuring over 25 comics! I wholly recommend it. Click over to the BCR website to buy a book for only $12, and help support the Boston comics community. Thank you!

Inbound #5:
The Food Issue

And for all you locals, copies are available at many Boston-area comic shops and locally-owned bookstores, including Million Year Picnic, Harvard Book Store, New England Comics, Brookline Booksmith, Comicazi, Hub Comics, and Comicopia.

Also, the Boston Comics Roundtable is hosting a release party this Friday night (November 5th) from 7-9pm at the Atomic Bean Cafe in Cambridge. Original comic art will be plastered all over the walls. People will be signing books. And I'LL BE THERE! More info, here.


Unknown said...

Bravo! Excellent comic. I'm a sucker for "dawn of man" stuff.

Food and Drugs said...

I don't know how cooking was discovered, and by the way if that discovery made us more humans, take a look around and you will understand (Afghanistan, Middle East, North Korea, Congo) what i mean... Anyway I have enjoyed a lot your hypothesis,and above all how it's drawn.
Congratulations and thanks for sharing

Jammer said...

Love this!

By the way -- my son (6) mentioned that he re-read Heeby Jeeby the other day. He wants the next one. :)

Bob Flynn said...

Hey thanks! I definitely enjoyed working with the story Dan presented. And James—we've nearly enough comics for Heeby Jeeby#2. Tell your son we'll be on it, pronto!

Pedro Vargas said...

Wow, really cool! Great job!!