Saturday, October 16, 2010

Inbound #5: The Food Issue

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I just got word that Inbound #5 is now available for purchase through the Boston Comics Roundtable. It's a 176-page b&w trade paperback, and also features the 10-page "caveman comic" I co-created with Dan Mazur (process art previously). From the BCR website:

Boston’s comics creators are serving up
a piping hot stack of stories!

Our best and brightest comics artists come together in Inbound #5 to share their reminiscences, fantasies, fears, and love of food. From the deeply personal to the fantastical, this book explores our complex relationship with what we eat.

When did humans first learn to cook? Why are we sometimes attracted to the most repulsive cuisines? Is it possible to turn into the food you eat too much? Inbound #5 takes you from the historical tales of fishwives and cheese-chasing to the beautiful and evocative legends of food handed down from the gods.

I should add that my friend Ellen Crenshaw drew up a fantastic cover! You can see the full illustration over on her blog. And the outstanding layout and design is by (once again) Shelli Paroline, who also has a comic in the book.

If you'd like a copy, it's all yours! Hop on over to the BCR website to buy a book ($12), and help support the Boston comics community. Thank you!

Buy a copy, here --> Inbound #5

UPDATE: For all you locals, you can find a copy at many Boston-area comic shops and locally-owned bookstores, including Million Year Picnic, Harvard Book Store, New England Comics, Brookline Booksmith, Comicazi, Hub Comics, and Comicopia.

Contributors include: E.J. Barnes, Eric Boeker, Jerel Dye, Franklin Einspruch, Patrick Flaherty, Bob Flynn, Joel Christian Gill, Andrew Greenstone, Danny Gonzalez, Raul Gonzalez, Beth Hetland, Erik Heumiller, Allie Kleber, Braden D. Lamb, Cathy Leamy, Jackie Lee, Jesse Lonergan, Dan Mazur, Mar-T Moyer, Line O, David Ortega, Shelli Paroline, Adrian Rodriguez, Roho, Aya Rothwell, Katherine Roy, Adam Syzm, Laura Terry, Jason Viola, Rebecca Viola, Katherine Waddell, Ryan Wheeler, and Andy Wong.

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