Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Dark Day" Teaser for Inbound

I was invited to create a historical comic for the upcoming issue of Inbound, a comics anthology put out by the Boston Comics Roundtable. This is an inked panel from the 2-pager I'm working on. We were all tasked to delve into local history. In my digging, I discovered an event called New England's "Dark Day" of 1780 (a few sources 1, 2). Mid-day the sky turned pitch black and everyone thought the world was coming to an end. I rendered it in a style more realistic than I normally do, but I picked it so I could draw tormented characters (go figure). It's also my first attempt at inking a full comic using a brush pen instead of nibs (though I used them for detail work). The anthology is in black and white, so I'm laying in a bunch of dark grays to make it ominous and frightening. I'll post the full comic after Inbound #4 comes out, so stay tuned.

UPDATE: I finished adding the grays, so here's the final panel.


Anonymous said...

I like the ominous tidal wave in the background. BTW, my (and Chris's) ancestors were already there for a century before the end of the world (again).

Bob Flynn said...

Thanks! Actually, I can see how that's reading as a tidal wave, but it's actually a dark cloud (the reverse). I didn't black it in because I wasn't sure if I wanted to color it dark gray.

I think the world is ending again in 2012, in case anyone's making plans.

Jason Curtis said...

You do love your tormented characters don't you!

I think your depiction of this historic event is bang-on. A wonderful cast of characters here, showing true horror...although I do find myself chuckling because some of the expressions crack me up.

My favorite is the guy third from the left. That's one terrified bastard!

Nice work with the brush pen too.

Bob Flynn said...

Thanks, Jason!

I just added the "colored" version, so you can see how I intended the shape to be a dark cloud. It's certainly a frightening comic, but I certainly get a kick out of drawing the terrified expressions.

Honolulu Dogfight said...

That looks great! I like your more "realistic" style. Does that just mean there are no tightrope walking boogers coming out of someone's nose? I kid.
I can't wait for the finished product.

David DeGrand said...

Wow, you sure know how to draw tormented! The poor fellow on the far right is my favorite part of this drawing, he really looks like he's having a bad day!

Jason Curtis said...

The final version looks outstanding. The inked panel looked scary, but now it looks downright terrifying.

Those poor bastards.

Bob Flynn said...

By more realistic, yes, I mean no boogers on tightropes—slightly less wobbly arms. You'll know what I mean when you see the comic—it's historic, so I drew a little differently than I do other things so it would carry a seriousness about it.

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