Sunday, July 26, 2009

Creative Juices is on Facebook

We recently passed our 200th post on Creative Juices! Not bad since we started the blog almost 2 years ago. (We're at 208 on Drip!—forgot to celebrate) If you haven't ventured over there yet, it's a group blog run by a bunch of us over at FableVision. We started it as a way to share interesting links with each other, but everyone can tap into the pool of creativity and inspiration. Also, every few weeks we publish the latest WTD? (What The Doodle?)—samples from which you've probably seen here periodically.

There's been some activity going on behind the scenes as we recently launched a Fan Page on Facebook.

If you frequent Facebook--> Join here!

You'll get Creative Juices updates in your news feed and you can leave comments on our wall. This was on a suggestion from CJ contributor Naomi (thanks!).

We're also working on a new branding. Here's a little guy I conjured up.

And some possible logotype treatments.

Stay tuned for more.

In other FableVision-related fun and widgetry, check out this bunny car Keith came up with--> here. Just click around and he'll zoom back and forth. This will soon be part of our huge FV Studio website update.


Jason Curtis said...

Love the new logo guy, great design talented bastard.

Bob Flynn said...

Thanks, I just updated the look of Creative Juices. Take a gander when you get a chance:

Creative Juices