Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Final Battle

Me and a bunch of folks at FableVision are wrapping up a 2-year project this week. We collaborated with MIT to create a Flash-based education video game to reinforce math and logic concepts. I posted awhile back (Customized Comics) about the comic that goes along with the game, revealing chapters of a larger story arch as you play.

I've been working with fellow artist Tami Wicinas on the final pages of the comic this week. We teamed up throughout, but the last comic has truly been a team effort as the deadline quickly approaches. Here is the pencil sketch I drew for the beginning of the final encounter with Echidna, the arch-villain of the game.

On to inking (all done in Flash with a tablet). I handled most of the character inking on this page; Tami filled in some of the backgrounds.

And here is the color treatment I'm going for—lots of RED, as you've just set off the alarms. The artists will run with this idea as they color.

Finally, I had a lot of fun melting down Echidna in this series of panels...she turns into a bunny. The comic is kind of in my style (less cartoony than usual). I fleshed out the look and feel with Keith Zulawnik, lead artist on the project, some 2 years ago. It's been awesome to work on.


Honolulu Dogfight said...

Fantastic! I think it's important a lot of the time to have a single color take over the panels to set the mood. You don't see it enough I think. The melting sequence is awesome, as is the inking.

DB Dowd said...

Bob: it sounds like a great project, and the panel development you show is wonderful. As you know, I really respond to the discipline of your color, and the manipulation of value and chroma/neutrality you use for effect. Here, that red-gray shadow provides the payoff in an otherwise pretty loud color environment--nice trick!

I haven't commented on your animation extravaganza of a few posts ago, but it's very impressive. You are really on a roll, Mr. Flynn!

So: what's the Jinxian payoff looking ahead, with all this at your command by now? You should be ambitious, even if in small installments. Beware visual mastery that falls into pure market reactivity--the curse of the illustrator...

Bob Flynn said...

I've been in a single color mood, lately. Something about punching up an image with intense color, and trying to balance it is something that really appeals to me. I can't always get away with it, but the alarms going off in that panel completely justified the impulse.

I'll keep you both posted on any plans of my ambitions. Though, I think the Presidency is finally in able hands.