Friday, November 07, 2008

ARGH! #5

This is a special message to all comics fans from Spain. Issue #5 of ARGH! is hot of the presses, and is now available at a comic book store near you. I posted a teaser page from my comic this summer, which you can view --> here. This issue is in orange and blue, and includes comics by Félix Diaz, Jorge Parras, Ferran Esteve, Molg H., Martin López, Nestor F., Brais Rodriguez, Paola Gaviria, Mar Malota, and Jorge Perez-Ruibal. I'm the one American in the bunch, but my comic is translated in Spanish. I'll be putting up all 4 pages eventually, but for now....go out and BUY IT...only 5 euros! The above cover art is by Jorge Parras.

For more info, go to

ARGH!#5 is available for purchase online now (along with the previous issues)


Here are some photos!

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Honolulu Dogfight said...

Awesome! There is so much cool comic stuff coming out Spain these days. I will probably have to get this. Congrats!

Bob Flynn said...

Indeed! I've been lucky to be apart of ARGH! for almost 2 years, now...and each issue gets better and better. Felix doesn't have the latest issue up on the online store, but I have noticed he's been updating the site today (orange and blue-ifying everything).

The "autores" section will give you a peek at what's included.

If we bump into each other, I have a copies of all the issues. I've actually been wondering if a handful of Boston comics shops would be interested.

Néstor F. said...

Hey Bob, thanks! I'm happy that you like the "Plump Kid". I follow your blog since I saw you in ARGH! I love your drawings & animations!! (Sorry, my english is weird...:P)
See ya!

Ferran Esteve said...

Hi, Bob, thanks for your comments. I guess my page is too soft for all that crazyness in Argh! :-S

Your pages are great in this issue, as usual.


Bob Flynn said...

Hi fellas! My spanish is impossible, so I appreciate you writing in english (you both have great english!).

Ferran, this is definitely one of the "crazier" issues, but I love the variety all the artists bring. I felt the same way when I made my first ice-skating comic for #2, but I thinking our softer comics help pace out the magazine. I LOVE Felix's "Milk Wars" comic---I think it's one of his best.

Nestor, I enjoy your plump! :)

Thanks to both of you for visiting my blog.

Honolulu Dogfight said...

Cool, if you ever make it to Union Square, I am sure that HUB comics would take as many as you can spare. By far my favorite shop and not just because it's a three minute walk from my front door.

David DeGrand said...

Holy crap this looks awesome!! Any chance it could be translated into English and released here? If not then the artwork alone looks like it would be worth the purchase.

Bob Flynn said...

Thanks, David! Just so you know, they have english subtitles on every page that has spanish. Some of the comics don't use words at all.

I may go to some of the local shops here in Boston with a backpack full to see if they are interested. I've talked to Felix about distribution in the US, but they are still working out the it is an independent zine. It's growing more and more popular in Spain, though. So that's good!