Monday, August 04, 2008

ARGH! #5 Teaser

I finished coloring my 4-page comic for ARGH! over the weekend. Spurred by DB Dowd's request, I've decided to share a page with everyone. It's my favorite of the bunch and doesn't give away too much of the story. I also thought it would be a good chance to demonstrate how I use color and line.

Here's the inked version of page 2 of the comic. On it's own, it kind of works, but I would never design a comic to look like this if it were to live solely in black and white. I use line, knowing that color is on the way to punch up the visual impact. Which for me amounts to tone, design, and a contrast in value that this linework doesn't fully achieve.

The comic artists who work on ARGH! all share a common color palette. In previous issues, we've used black and one color, which amounts to a two-color print process. This time around, Félix decided to go with two true colors (no black). For those of you who speak Pantone: 294C (a dark blue) and 021C (a deep red orange). I have to say, it's a weird way of coloring in Photoshop—you have to paint in spot color channels with grayscale sliders. Especially when you have to mix the two colors in combination. He sent along this color grid to show us the possible variations you could achieve. For instance, 100% of each color essentially gives you a black, half of each gets you in purple-gray territory.

And here's the final product. I wrote the comic around color, knowing I wanted to use the full spectrum. So, it takes place in a blue serene forest that is being ravaged by a two-headed fire dragon. The last panel is the one I posted previously, featuring Drip.

What's also great about a two-color process is that it forces you to work in a limitted palette, which is generally how I prefer to handle color. That's all for now...look for the full comic this fall. The issue is due to come out in September, I believe.


Geinz said...

hey, i saw your name on the blog of PLUNK and i went to visit your website. nice artwork! I figured that your are interested in silent gags? I'm an artist to! I've created a silent gag comic about a cow. Go to and click on "Meuh" or go to

Bob Flynn said...

Hi Geinz. Yeah, I'm a big fan of Luc's Plunk cool you found me via his blog. And yes, I'm a big fan of silent and pantomime comics. Maybe because I'm self conscious about writing dialogue. I like trying to tell a story through pictures.

It's also nice because image supersedes language, so people from all over the world can enjoy the story. My latest comic does have a page of dialogue. I'm trying to find the right balance.

Nice comics! I just looked at them. Are you familiar with the work of Ulf K? I think you'd dig his work:

Ulf K's Blog

DB Dowd said...

Bob, thanks for posting the page. Looks great. I see a confrontation brewing between Drip and the Dragon. Yes?

Drip and the Dragons would make an excellent band name, don't you think?

Nice work!

Geinz said...

hi, bob
yes i known ulf k.
i think the same as you do: i think that silent comics are more international than comics with words. as you i'm not a great story teller and can't make great dialogues, so i make silent gags.
but i think silent gags are difficult to make!

Honolulu Dogfight said...

This stuff looks fantastic Bob. Thanks for putting it up. I can't wait to see more.

Bob Flynn said...

Thanks again, everyone! It was quite the weekend getting all the coloring done. The only thing I have left to do to get it ready for print is to re-letter the Spanish translation.

Nate Bramble said...

Bob, I am really impressed with your cartoons! You have such an appealing style, I love it. I'm a cartoonist as well and I go for the cartoony, pen and ink stuff in my own work:

Keep posting your work man, I'm digging it!

Bob Flynn said...
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Bob Flynn said...

Thanks, Nate! I just looked at your comics site. Fun stuff! And awesome that you're publishing your work. I'm really just beginning to ramp up on comics. It's something I've been meaning to do for awhile. I'll be sure to keep posting as I keep creating. You should check out ARGH! I think you'd dig the Spanish artists who do comics for it.

elfelix said...

Hi Bob! Felix here!!

I made a short trip to Spain to check the ARGH! print procedure with Jorge.

If everything goes as expected, and the whole magazine is printed as we saw there... It's going to be the best ARGH! ever!

We could check some pages of Jorge and Paola, with really smooth mixings of light blue and orange with amazing results, and some of mine and Martín López too, with burning orange surfaces.

They'll be finished in a week or so! I'll keep you informed!!!

Ferran Esteve said...

Hi Bob. Definitely, that's a good use of the two colors.

Love your work.