Monday, September 24, 2007

Gross Anatomy

This is an illustration I did for the October 2007 issue of Nickelodeon Magazine, full of all sorts of fun gross stuff. The image goes along with an activity where you get to choose a word from three columns to create a symptom. In this case: Burning Nostril Slugs. On the same page (13), Aaron Renier has some awesome illustrations of body creatures, which he has up on his website (1, 2, 3). Nice work! When I got the call from NickMag, they literally said, "Wanna do a gross illustration for us?" Definitely a fun issue to be a part of!


meg said...

god i love nickelodeon magazine. i can't wait to work with them again!

Bob Flynn said...

Hands down, best client I've had the opportunity to work with. They always toss me fun concepts, and give me free reign to do what I love. I actually have something in the November and December issues this year as well. They bring on amazing illustrators, and the "Comic Book" is a really gem. The haunted houses you're doing for them look spectacular.