Thursday, September 06, 2007


Once in a while a dream assignment comes your way, and this was surely one of them. I worked on a game over a year ago with the immensely talented Sharon Emerson, who should be credited with all the fun, wit, and inception of the idea. Goldisocks is one of many Flash activities we collaborated on at FableVision to help teach science concepts to kids. Our approach was to use story and humor to convey the definitions of temperature and heat. She came up with the idea of a girl in a cafeteria who's measuring the temperatures of bowls of porridge, and Goldisocks was born. I've included a link to the game below. Enjoy!

--> Play Goldisocks


Mondgucker said...

Hi Bob, that is very very fine. A nice job. Goldisocks has a great voice!

spacesick said...

ooh! it looks awesome. I'll be sure to bookmark that badboy for later!

elfelix said...

Sssooooo grrreat!

Anonymous said...

Oh, man that is so awesome! I wish I learned about matter and temperatures like that. And Goldisocks's voice is hilarious.

Great job, Bob!