Friday, May 22, 2009

How to Clear Out a Movie Theater

(click for full image)

This is a fun illustration I did for Nickelodeon Magazine, currently featured in the June 2009 issue. It's purpose: to give you all sorts of weird ways to creep out the person sitting next to you at the movies. I hadn't done a group shot like this in awhile, and of course it was a great opportunity to come up with some interesting characters. The above image is the file they sent back after they added text to the speech balloons (though it says pages 8 - 9, it now appears on pages 4 - 5). It has great placement in the magazine, too—spanning a full spread!

Here's a close-up of my two favorites of the bunch, only because I love that grin.

In other news, you should hop over to the Creative Juices blog to see what the crew came up with for this week's WTD? (What the Doodle?) The word was "PLOT." Here's my contribution:

What d'ya know?...another deranged kid. I'm sensing a pattern.


Scott MacDonald said...

great work! Loving your style... really enjoy reading the tutorials as well.

Bob Flynn said...

Thanks, Scott! Just looking at your blog, lots of odd semi-shriveled characters. Really fun designs. I'm tuned in now, so keep posting. Thanks again for stopping by!

Jason Curtis said...

The theater piece is great Bob, really fun stuff! The range of characters are wonderfully creative. I love the close-up...the expression on the kids face as he's sucking on his straw made me chuckle.

I'll be buying a copy of the magazine for sure.

The WTD piece is funny as hell. That kid looks like a chocolate cake junkie that desperately needs a hit.

...hmmm, wonder if the little girl will use the fork to protect her dessert?

Eddy said...

hi Bob,
the cinema piece is very nice. was that drawn and inked all on one page?
sometimes i do characters on separate bits of paper then assemble them in photoshop. i do this because i often mess up the inking. have you ever worked that way?

Bob Flynn said...

Thanks, guys! I'm always trying to play with weird expressions as you know. I started off with a stranger set of characters, but pulled back so they looked like a normal theater-going crowd who were all saying obnoxious things. I like where I landed.

Eddy, your question about how I made this: I inked in Flash (can't mess it up that way, right?). Though, I drew it all out in pencil as one long sketch. I prefer to work out all the relationships in the drawing at once. I have done the piecemeal approach before (compositing in Photoshop, like you say). But that can be tricky, trying to get it to fit together.

Eddy said...

thanks Bob
one great advantage of doing the pen work on a single sheet is that you have original art you can sell. much better than having bits and pieces all over the place.

Louise Smythe said...

Anything deranged is fun to draw! great stuff, Bob - I'm glad you included a seat-kicker. Those are the WORST!

Sherm said...

Hi Bob -- I LOVE the way you draw those kids' eyeballs!

David DeGrand said...

Great illo! Love the poor little guy cowering next to the big fat lady, nice expression. I work at a couple of movie theaters so I found this especially chuckle-inducing!

Bob Flynn said...

Many thanks! I've been having a lot of fun with eyeballs lately, glad you noticed. And yes, the cowering weirdo is a fun character....the "fat" lady actually shrunk in size over the course of sketches and approvals. They still make a great pair :)

Ryan Khatam said...