Friday, February 20, 2009


I was just going through files on my computer and noticed a bunch of random frog-related art that went nowhere. So here they are!

I was sketching out some ideas for a comic that needed some frogs. Below is my rough. Never inked it up. Still...a fun idea.

More sketches of frogs when I was killing time at work one afternoon.

If I had a pet frog, this is what I'd want him to look like.


Unknown said...

If I had a pet frog THAT'S what I'd want him to look like , too!

Chris Houghton said...

These drawings are too funny man! And WONDERFUL mosquito animation! I watched it a few times and laughed each time that little bugger screamed and got sucked up.

David DeGrand said...

Man these are great! Reminds me of my first cartoon character I drew when I was about 10. He was a frog named Ribbit and I did maybe about 100 strips with him until my interests drifted elsewhere. Your frogs are definitely a step above my character!

Bob Flynn said...

Ha! Glad you guys like. David: so cool you had a frog character named "Ribbit"--and amazing that you did so many strips!

Mondgucker said...

The frog-comic is very fine. I would like to see a final version.