Sunday, February 22, 2009

Come on!

I don't think you'd ever want to run into this guy. I dreamed him up doodling away in the studio today. Below is my pencil sketch, which I scanned and then inked in Flash. For those of you still plugging away at my inking tutorial, keep at it!


Honolulu Dogfight said...

I feel like that guy and I are on the same exercise regimen. Love the frog comic too. Did you ever see the Jim Woodring comic in that Scatterbrain anthology? Frog cowboys and beautiful art. I think you would like it.

Chris Houghton said...

Wonderfully deeee-sgusting!

David DeGrand said...

Ok Bob, if you're not going to make a t-shirt out of this guy then I'm just going to do it myself and become filthy rich off your awesome talent! Seriously, this dude KICKS ASS!!

Vincent Waller said...

Love this guy. I'm pretty sure I met him in the subway last weekend.

Bob Flynn said...

George: I love Woodring's work, and I'm familiar with some of his amphibian-like art. Will have to check out that anthology. Thanks!

Chris: Thanks! Love the disgusting monster in your latest post.

David: I wouldn't have you go off and make a fortune off of this guy's misfortune.

 I have no problem doing it myself, though.

I'm in talks with a friend to figure out how to get some of my cartoons and drawings on t-shirts. Will keep you posted. You're not the first person to ask me about it.

Vincent: I'd take a different subway route.

justinpatrickparpan said...

Nice design Bob, and a bit creepy as well. I seriously love your inking style and really enjoyed your tutorial and thoughts on the subject.


Hege Synøve Kolstad Evensen said...

Love your work:) Really inspiring, and funny too;)