Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Freehand marker drawings

I've been doing more freehand drawing lately—with markers, in particular. The guy above I drew with a regular old purple crayola marker. It's a fantastic tool to draw with—glides across the page smoothly and enough control to allow for a tapered line.

This weirdo I drew with a similar style black marker that I picked up years ago in college. Sturdier tip—great control. When you put ink to paper without a definite plan, you improvise from your bag of drawing habits with the hope of inventing something new. Put away your pencil, your eraser, your UNDO. Let what happens, happen. It's great for filling up a page of quick doodles, too.

(click this image to view large)


Dan Moynihan said...

These are fantastic, Bob! I love how tiny the first guy's head is, and all those critters in the last picture have a great combination of bizarre and cute. I agree that having to commit to your line with no possibility of erasing or undoing can be a helpful focus for drawing.

Food and Drugs said...

Nice characters!!

Bob Flynn said...

Thanks, duudes.

DB Dowd said...

Fantastic, Bob. Love the first one, especially. Nice presence on the page!

KristyD said...

Hey Bob! Haven't visited in awhile! This technique works well even when you have low confidence in your drawing and are out of practice. I've gotten some good results from just sticking the marker to the paper.