Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spears and brains

With June winding down, I'm getting back into making comics. Here's a page (penciled rough) from a comic I'm working on with Dan Mazur (writing). It's shaping up to be a 10-pager, which is one of the longer comics I've tackled in some time.

And then there is this brain guy.

He's been throwing a fit because all he does is stand in as my Twitter/Facebook/Flickr (etc) avatar. So I'm working him into a comic...or two. If he behaves.

One last thing:

A public service announcement.

My hard drive crashed over the weekend. I put it to bed and it died in its sleep. All my data was wiped out, just like that—ZAP! Fortunately, I had all my artwork backed up on an external drive.

So PLEASE, back up your work. It happens.


Jason James Curtis said...

Ohhhh, Ahhhh. That pencil rough looks great Bob! I'm looking forward to seeing more.

By the way, I love your little brain guy.

Raiben said...

lucky man! i not was the same luck when my hard drive die the last year.
I follow you in twitter

Bob Flynn said...

Glad you like'm. Comics on the way! And yes—I was very lucky. Only missing a few files, overall. BACK UP!

Sherm said...

That brain dude is one of your most inspired drawings ever. I like how bold and loose and aggressive your pencil roughs are.

Bob Flynn said...

Thanks, Sherm! I'm working on my first comic featuring ole braino right now. Should have something to show for in a week or so.

Poor guy doesn't have a name, still. But few of my characters do these days.

Anonymous said...

Brain guy is awesome. And I really like the pencil rough. It looks great!

Clare B said...

Nicce blog thanks for posting