Thursday, January 21, 2010

Comic for ARGH! #6

Here's my comic for ARGH!#6, the green and magenta issue. I actually drew this way back in April of 2009, so it's good to finally share it with you. A box of comics should be arriving from Spain within weeks, so I'll be distributing them throughout Boston in due time. Be sure to hop on over to the ARGH! Comic website for more info (a great intro graphic), and previews by the other artists.

As noted, we use a duotone color process in printing; this handy grid gives you a sense of some of the available colors. Hideous, aren't they?

I posted it before, but here's the cover Félix did up for the issue.


Joaquín said...

This comic was one of the best of the issue, and that's hard because the issue was uniformly asskickingly good.

Food and Drugs said...

Nice comic.
Thanks for sharing!

Hege Synøve Kolstad Evensen said...

great colours!!!

David DeGrand said...

Super cool comic Bob! The way you use the limited color palette is very inspiring, great job!