Friday, October 02, 2009


Here's my contribution for this week's What The Doodle? on Creative Juices. The random word generator spit out the most obscure word yet: PELAGIC. Which, in a nutshell refers to the open sea, or the creatures who inhabit the upper layers of the ocean.

Stop on by to sea, ahem...see what the rest of the FableVision crew came up with --> here.


spongebob printable coloring pages said...

cool yet charming, very novel idea yet: PELAGIC

Unknown said...

Super cool! I really like the results of the various techniques you used to create the water. The asymmetrical composition is classic, and the contrasts in colors really give an ominous feeling to the ocean in comparison to the cheerfulness of the character. It kinda makes me wonder what is going to happen to the poor fella.

Are you afraid of the ocean?

Take care,

Bob Flynn said...

Thanks, and wow—you've really investigated this image, Travis. The colors came to me as I was drawing...and yes the water was fun to create.

Don't worry, I think he's gonna be alllllright.