Saturday, July 26, 2008


This is a panel from the latest comic I'm working on—seen previously in loose sketch form. It features a doodle character of mine who had a cameo role in my first ARGH! comic, but has never played a major role. He's the namesake of this blog, and I use him as the preloader of my Jinx the Monkey website. It's Drip, of course!

I can trace Drip back to a single page of a sketchbook, back when I still lived in St. Louis. Probably 2003 or so. Again, as weird ideas come to me, I was playing around with the idea of a character who constantly dripped water from his nose, maybe even drinking it again in some strange perpetual cycle of waste and energy. I remember also thinking of a more pitiful character who was constantly thirsty but couldn't drink the water it dripped. But that seemed a bit mean for a cute design. You can see here he took many forms.

I then did a small painting of him, at the time using the word "drop" instead of "drip." Not sure why, as drip is the more fitting sound effect.

He's appeared subsequently in numerous pages of my sketchbook, and in the doodles of many a boring meeting. He evolved into something that looks more like this. No, arms, two legs, a simple circle head with a bee-like body, two tiny wings.

I just recalled I posted a doodle on this blog: Caught in a Drip.
So, it's long overdue that he appears in a comic. I'm happy for the little guy. I'll be wrapping up the comic next week. Two colors this time, blue and orange.


DB Dowd said...

Hey, I love that Easter Island bear thing in the first Drip(Drop) drawing. Looking forward to seeing the comic. Any panels you feel like showing as a preview??

Bob Flynn said...

I forgot about that guy...he's due for a comic,too. Oh, and wish granted!---see the latest post.