Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Happy 4th everyone! This is a new pen and ink, hot off the drawing table. It's sort of a continuation on the theme of the Starved illustration I posted earlier last month. "Not so happy" cartoons, or something like that. Death, dismay, unbridled hopelessness...You get the idea. Color version coming soon. Anyway, off to fire up the grill!


Gabriel said...

It's interesting to note that you don't seem to waste any space, this kind of stuff would probably take colors very nicely. Specially if they were just flat colors, like an old comic book, maybe nothing too saturated. I find this really inspiring, maybe I'll try to rip you off some time.

Bob Flynn said...

Thanks! This is most certainly an unfinished piece. I'll bring it into photoshop and lay in a simple palette of flat colors like I always do. I've left it mostly in line for that reason (not a lot of heavy blacks).

Feel free to rip me of. I'll be the first to admit that there's Ren and Stimpy cartoon out there that is burned into my subconscious that probably inspired this!