Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cloudy Collection + Ed Emberley

While I mentioned the newest Cloudy Collection would be debuting at TCAF this past weekend, it just officially went live to the rest of the world. (WOOOO!)

The theme of the collection is 'Monster Parade'—here's my design:

a photo of the the 4-color screenprint...

and the set of all 15 of them!

The official word from Cloudy Collection:

Ed Emberley and fourteen of his biggest fans have also created set of screen prints, also titled 'Monster Parade'. All 15 four-color images are on 4″x6″ paper, and come wrapped in a custom, die-cut, letterpress slipcase, printed in purple. The colors on the prints are matched to Ed Emberley’s wonderful Make-a-World book, in green, blue, red, and black. This edition is limited to 100 hand-numbered sets, and includes art by Ed Emberley, his daughter Rebecca Emberley, S. Britt, Tad Carpenter, Maura Cluthe, Becky Dreistadt, Bob Flynn, Meg Hunt, David Huyck, John Martz, Caleb Neelon, Heather Ross, Souther Salazar, Bwana Spoons, and Nate Wragg. And don’t miss the bonus fold-out print by Cloudy Collection curator, David Huyck.

View the collection of 15 prints --> here!
(there are only 100 sets, so I'd hurry if I were you)

There's also a four-layer, 8″x10″ letterpress print by Ed Emberley himself. See the website for more details.

A huge congratulations goes out to David Huyck for organizing such a unique collection of artwork. Tons of hard work and planning surely went it to this. And a very special thank you to Anne Koyama (of Koyama Press) for helping to fund this Cloudy Collection edition.

I have to say, I'm very honored to be alongside all of these amazing artists, especially Ed, who inspired me when I was a kid, and still does today.


ETCIllustration said...

Love it! Great work, Bob!

Casey G. said...

wow, that is so freaking awesome!