Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cat Rackham meets Mola Mola

Yesterday was declared International Draw Cat Rackham Day by one such Nedroid. The world listened—I set on my course as soon as I got home from work and fired it off last night.

This image was inspired by the doodle Steve Wolfhard (creator of Cat Rackham) drew in my book at TCAF.

(looks like he didn't get away, Steve...try as he may.)

There's a pretty awesome set growing over on Flickr with contributions from various artists.

Also, be sure to check out all the Cat Rackham comics online, and look for Steve's new book out with Koyama Press, 'Cat Rackham Loses It!'—easily one of my favorite pick-ups from TCAF.


Casey G. said...

ah a Mola Mola insides! This is my nightmare and the Mola Mola looks so content. . . (shiver)

Awesome drawing!

Charlie McCheekster said...

Beautifully surreal - Cat inside fish looking confused yet comfortable. Love it.

Bob Flynn said...

Ha! Thanks for that observation, and glad you like it.