Tuesday, November 03, 2009

November Inks

Posting a handful of pages from my sketchbook has become a monthly ritual. So here's the latest dump.

This last fella might look familiar. Thanks again to everyone for the early support for Heeby Jeeby Comix. The three of us are working on new comics and gags, so look for new posts over there soon.


Mike Geiger said...

these are awesome
i love love love that first one
great stuff

David DeGrand said...

Man I love your sketchbook pages. I don't know what that thing is right above the tree, but I'm pretty sure I'll be seeing it in my sleep. Thanks! ;)

David Ziggy Greene said...


Kassandra Heller said...

argh These are amazing! That tree makes me so sad! If I saw that tree walking by I'd dig a hole in my backyard and invite it to live there! I'd keep the tree company, read under it and even plant a lady tree near by!

Anyways great sketchbook pages!

Food and Drugs said...

That tree should not be so sad, having the possibility to move around. Shocking!
Bravo for all of them (sketchbook fellas)

Jason Curtis said...

Lordy, these are fantastic. I'm just loving the guy at the top.

Unknown said...

Great stuff as usual. I love that tree drawing. And thanks for ordering my book!

Bob Flynn said...

Thanks as always for the positive response. I'll keep drawing and posting. If nothing else, this sketchbook has been a fresh breath away from the computer.

I'm drawing in Flash tonight, and while the precision and edit-friendly atmosphere is handy, I find myself longing for the brush pen.

Don't be too sad about the tree—he's just having a tough day. I'd be more concerned for lumpy wrinkle boob dude.

Unknown said...

what a wolf.
good stuff!