Sunday, November 29, 2009

ARGH! #6

The long-awaited arrival of ARGH!#6 is finally here (phew!). I've been in touch with Félix and Jorge, and I will soon receive a shipment of comics to distribute locally. So be on the look-out in Boston. The 2-color spot process for this issue is green and magenta.

They just updated the website, too:
(with a brand new intro animation—go see it!)

If you enter the site and click on autores (authors), you can see previews from each artist, which includes the familiar list of contributors: (myself), Félix Díaz, Jorge Parras, Paola Gaviria, Jorge Perez Ruibal, Martin Lopez, Nestor Fernandez, Ferran Esteve, Brais Rodríguez, Mar Malota and Molgó H.

Be sure to check out previous issues and visit the ARGH! store.
You can view my comics from previous issues here, and here for related posts.

(I will eventually post my 2-page comic for this issue as well.)

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Scott MacDonald said...

This looks fantastic!