Thursday, March 05, 2009

Sort out the habits of your mind


David DeGrand said...

Man I really need to learn how to ink in Flash like you, these dudes look super sharp as well as being just plain cool looking characters. Did the guy on the bottom have a weight loss surgery that went horribly wrong?

Bob Flynn said...

Love that Flash ;) Not sure what either of these guys problems brain said draw them, so I did. I'm trying to listen to it more often these days.

Louise Smythe said...

haha! so gross and that's why i like it. awesome drawings and flash inking of course!

Honolulu Dogfight said...

My goodness Bob, I was just visiting Jim Woodrings blog and saw you commenting over there. You would certainly head up the algonquin round table of cartoonists I think.
The new Phantom Skull pages are inked in flash, by the by, due mostly to expedience and my frequent contact with a cintiq.
Great drawings as always sir!

Bob Flynn said...

You're too much, George :) While I admit I definitely make my rounds in the blogosphere, anyone can drop a comment anywhere. I appreciate the nomination, though.

Can't wait to see the latest Phantom Skull comics...super jealous of your Cintiq contact. Seriously, just having contact with one of those.

Glad both you and Louise are digging inking in Flash.

nicolás said...

Very wonderful blog!
I like your style, remembered me the great old cartoon style of and the underground comic style, two of my favourite things!
see you soon!
mi best wishes from Argentina