Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Powder & The Glory on PBS

This is a reminder to some (an anouncment to everyone else) that the documentary The Powder & the Glory will air nationally on PBS— Monday, March 23, 2009 at 10PM (check your local listings). You may remember that I created a number of animations for the film with the help of my super talented friends at FableVision. I'm very excited for the television premiere, especially for producers/creators Ann Carol Grossman and Arnie Reisman who put so much effort into making and promoting the film (who were incredible to work with!) They both have such an appreciation for animation.

Here's a brief synopsis direct from the film's website:

"The story of how two pioneering entrepreneurial women—Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubenstein—created an industry, became global rivals and cultural icons, and changed the way we look at ourselves."

The documentary is a powerful narrative and has a great sense of humor about itself. I couldn't recommend it more. You can read more about it, and watch a preview (that contains one of my animations!) at this PBS website.

UPDATE: If you missed it on Monday, The Powder & the Glory continues to air throughout the week on some PBS stations. So check your local listings. For example: it airs on New Hampshire's WENH 11 tonight (Wednesday) at 10PM, Sacramento's KVIE 6 on Thursday (3/26), and San Diego's KPBS 15 on Sunday (3/29)

(you'll have to hop over to my blog if you're in Google Reader or the like)

Elizabeth Arden

Watch in full resolution.

Flappers and Lipstick

Watch in full resolution.

Helena Rubinstein

Watch in full resolution.

A Robbery!

Watch in full resolution.

Note that all these versions don't have final sound design.
Thanks for watching!

UPDATE 2: Special thanks to Cold Hard Flash and Michael Sporn for posting about the animations! (click links for mentions)

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Chris Houghton said...

Awesome! I'll be watching it for sure!

Jason Curtis said...

Groovy! I'll be planting my arse on the couch and watching this for sure. Thanks for the heads-up Bob.

Chris Houghton said...

Enjoyed the show- awesome work dude!

Bob Flynn said...

Thanks for watching! If anyone missed it, I believe its re-airing at various times throughout the week. And again, most of the animations can be viewed on my website and blog.

Anonymous said...

I saw the film for the third time last night (Ann Carol is my sister)
and really enjoyed the contribution
that your animation made to it.
"The Powder & The Glory" is one of the most entertaining and memorable documentaries, she said without a hint of bias!

DB Dowd said...

Bob, I saw the documentary and especially enjoyed your animated segments. A fascinating story. An intriguing intersection between the growth of the cosmetics industry and periodical publishing, which of course created much of modern illustration. Helena Rubenstein's modern art collection is only part of the art historical influence of the industry...

Sherm said...

I'm so glad you posted these...I tried to watch the show but it hasn't aired in Los Angeles yet. ANYWAY...the clips are juicy-good old-timey cartoon deliciousity, and they seem to flow really well with the story of the documentary.

It's so nice that the creative team for this documentary had enough vision to go for something wonderfully "out of the ordinary." Bravo! Great stuff!

Bob Flynn said...

Thanks again, everyone. It's been a fun week. I watched it again last night on NH Public Television.

DB: It is a fascinating story, and I too enjoyed the print ads/illustration they dug up from the archives.

Sherm: Not sure what's up in LA. But oh well. I do know that if anyone wishes to see the full documentary and missed it on PBS, its available on Netflix.

Anonymous said...

Animation can do so much more than sell toys. It's great to see your sprightly stuff used by people who have some creative vision.

elfelix said...

This is so cool!

Jason Curtis said...

Thanks for posting the animations Bob. I love the look and feel of the production. favorite is "A Robbery!"

chrisallison said...

Completely AWESOME, Bob! Really echoes a nice feel of the content discussed in the documentary. Love the black faded edges and film flickers. Really nice subtle touches that set everything off. Of course the designs and colors are beautiful, and I'm glad you shared this with us! I don't have television so I would've missed it completely.