Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Don't get so bent out of shape!

I got lost in a mess of twisted body parts when I was drawing tonight. This was actually a lot of fun—a good way to unwind before I hit the sack. As I was coloring, I began to notice how much the image changed if I made the characters significantly darker than the background color.

The drawing was constructed in line.

But as the color approached the value of the line, the silhouette of the design became more apparent. I found that I liked the silhouette as much as the line, if not more so. So I continued to darken until I arrived at my final image, which was something of a balance. See a related post from April about cartoon silhouettes.


David DeGrand said...

Wow, those twisted body parts would have made Basil Wolverton proud! Really intersting how you found a nice middle ground between the silhouette and the line drawing, the final image looks superb with the dark characters. I need this on a t-shirt!

Honolulu Dogfight said...

I agree that is t-shirt ready sir.

Bob Flynn said...

Ha! You guys are quick to pounce. I know a guy who makes t-shirts. Maybe I'll pick his brain. People wanted me to make a t-shirt of my cartoon silhouettes post, too. But I didn't want lawyers at my doorstep.