Tuesday, June 05, 2007

1930s Technicolor

In the series of animated segments that I'm working on, I'm now doing a cartoon stylized in 1930s early Technicolor. This is a keyframe from the animation. After reviewing some personal favorites, like The Cobweb Hotel (1936), and Fiddlesticks (1930), I basically decided on a washed out palette of greens, reds, and browns. And I think this just about does the trick. It's hard getting around the clean look of Flash, but I think it fits the period aesthetic reasonably well. As a stand-alone image, I find the limited palette quite appealing.

UPDATE: Watch the full animation at this post: Helena Rubinstein


maxi said...

hi Boby!!!!
fantasticas las animaciones!!!

Dave Schlafman said...

Like what I see! I hope to get a sneak peek when these are done...looks great.

Tali said...

great image.
you've definitely gotten around that 'flashy' look.
well done!