Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Pensive Beast


justinpatrickparpan said...


If sea monkeys were the size of real monkeys I suspect they would look something like this. I always new there was something horrifying lurking in my fish tank!

You've been linked sir.


Mondgucker said...

Hi Bob,
you should start to work on a book with all your monsters.
All the best

elfelix said...


Mondgucker said...

Hi Bob,
it seemed that Felix has the same meaning as I! So go on.

Bob Flynn said...

Well fellas, to be exact, I would love to do such a book. I have a lot of artist friends who love drawing monsters as well. Fantagraphics, however, just released a book called "Beasts" (link) which is a collection of numerous illustrators artwork of monsters. So, I guess I'd have to put my own spin on it. And I know nothing of the publishing world. But it would be fun, so I'll tuck it away as something to get around to.