Friday, June 30, 2006

Taking note

A page of notes from a meeting at work: June 22, I believe. A dull conference call with a frustrating client. I find it interesting how a page of doodles from a staff meeting differs so much from a page of my sketch book. I tend to fill in the page fairly evenly, without much concern of composition or scale. Very uniform. Familiar regurgitated doodles and characters always spring up. But once in a while something novel will spring forth, often because of something somebody has said or mentioned. Not much of that on this page, unfortunately. Though I suppose the birdlike creature with the fresh kill is a fun moment.


Gabriel said...

Bah, you're crazy, I like most of those!!

Bob Flynn said...

You're very kind. I guess I meant that the page didn't offer much in new ideas. Mostly recycled goods...but I guess that's how it normally works.