Thursday, June 01, 2006

Don't lose your lunch

Looking for a fun project to kill time in a slow summer month of 2001, I found this tin lunch box, and thought it would be fun to paint something special for my girlfriend, Loren. At the time I was really into carnival themes, which peaked when I created Jinx the Monkey. It was also about the time when I was embracing cartoons again, after having it beaten out of me in art school. The lighting is really yellow, so the colors are super saturated in this photo. Below is a shot of the back side:

Kind of funny how there is a monkey here as well. An earlier Jinx, perhaps? It's crazy to think this dates almost 5 years now.

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Bob Flynn said...

Hi Alex,

Sorry, didn't notice your comment until now. I sort of did it the "wrong" way, bit it's still in good shape 5 years later. First, I sanded the surface of the lunchbox to give it some tooth. Then, I went over the entire box with a couples layers of acrylic gel medium. And then I painted it with acrylic. I never sealed it, though I probably should have. I've actually been afraid that its going to rust. I think enamel paints work better for this kind of thing.

I'm sure you could find a website that shows you how to do it, properly.