Tuesday, September 17, 2013

MICE 2013 poster

The Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE) is coming up in just a couple weeks. This year the festival is expanding to two full days, September 28 and 29. I was asked over the summer if I'd be interested in designing one of the posters, and this is what I came up with. Nothing too high concept—just a cute little mouse reading comics in a cozy nook of the forest.

I inked it in Manga Studio. Below is a postcard version with Shelli Paroline's overlay design. You might see them in and around Boston if you're lucky. Pick one up!

I'll be sharing a table with Dan Moynihan—with the usual assortment of comics and prints. I'll also be doing a workshop on character design, Saturday morning at 10:30. More info on that here, along with other scheduled panels and workshops. What else... I did a cover design for a monster anthology which will be debuting at the festival, too. More on that, soon.


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