Saturday, July 14, 2012

Monster Tattoos

Jess Smart Smiley and Julia Green just launched a new project called Tattoo Club, which is a group that publishes limited-edition packs of temporary tattoos. For their first release, MONSTER PACK, they invited a number of their favorite illustrators and artists to design monster-themed tattoos—and I'm one of them! These are my designs: the blue guy is new, and you may recognize the durquil.

What really makes this edition awesome is everyone else who's in the pack: Ghostshrimp, Meg Hunt, Chris 'Elio', Jeffrey Lamm, Drew Millward, Sam Alden, and Jess and Julia as well. Look at some of the samples below—imagine them on your flexed bicep! (and elsewhere!) How many monsters could you fit on yourself at once?

MONSTER PACK is being funded via Kickstarter ---> over here!
So now's your chance to snatch up a pack (or multiple packs) of temporary tattoos! Each pack includes 16 original designs (about 2 by each artist). You can see them by scrolling down the preview site. This Kickstarter goes for a month, but it could use your support right now to reach the fund-raising goal. Thanks!

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