Friday, April 13, 2012

Jam Session for SpongeBob #8

In comic stores now: SpongeBob Comics #8! My bud David DeGrand also has a comic on the back cover. It's the first time we've been published together outside of Heeby Jeeby (huge reason to celebrate!). Issue #8 also includes comics by cartoonists Graham Annable, Corey Barba, R. Sikoryak, Andy Rementer, and James Kochalka, to name a few. I contributed a 'Squidward' comic. He's just as much fun to draw as the little yellow guy. Even on our best days we can all identify with Squidward, right? Ha.

(click image above to view comic much larger)

You can also view this comic and more SpongeBob comics over at my website.

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Duffs said...

It printed real nice! Here's to more comics by Flynn! Anywhere!