Monday, October 31, 2011

Nursery Rhyme Comics ... For Adults!

The folks from First Second Books recently asked me and a few other cartoonists featured in Nursery Rhyme Comics (see earlier post) if we would take on the task of illustrating some not-so-nursery rhymes. It seemed like a fun assignment! Editor, Chris Duffy, pointed me to this pleasant piece of poetry:
Round about, round about,
Maggotty pie,
My father loves good ale,
And so do I.
So that's what I illustrated—right? You can view this and the other cartoons by Aaron Renier and Vanessa Davis over at Not to mention the fun rhymes that go along with them.

I inked and colored this in Flash—here's my pencil sketch:

...and a few variations (I always prefered the first one, though).

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