Friday, April 22, 2011



Food and Drugs said...

Funny character that in charge of the tartar management!

Will Strong said...

Ha! Awesome.

Raiben said...

beautiful!... eyh, why do you ink all lines in black at flash and then change some black lines with colour in photoshop? Do you not prefeer ink all at flash?

Do you have tried sketckbook pro program?

Bob Flynn said...

Raiben: I will usually ink a drawing black to start. When I begin coloring, I decide if I want certain lines to have color. That stage happens in Flash most of the time, but I also color in Photoshop. Especially for large images.

I don't believe I've tried Sketchbook pro. I almost exclusively use Flash for digital inking.

Raiben said...

I understand. Yes, the flash is a succeder tool for ink. I´m learning with the practice and with yours advices. Thanks again!