Thursday, February 10, 2011


SpongeBob Comics are back! Issue #1 was released on February 9th, so head on over to your local comic shop and grab a copy while they're hot! This new series is published by Stephen Hillenburg's United Plankton Pictures, distributed through Matt Groening's Bongo Comics Group, and is edited by none other than Chris Duffy (former Senior Comics Editor of Nickelodeon Magazine).

The cover design for this issue is by one of the best SpongeBob artists in the business—Sherm Cohen. He has process up on his blog, so check that out.

And I snuck a little something in there as well. Below are my pencils for a one-page comic called "GlowSponge." I handled story, pencils, inks, and this time I was invited to do color as well.

I opted for flat colors, as that's what I normally use.
And they let me!

I have to say—flipping through this book makes me feel like a tiny slice of Nick Mag is back. And that's a good feeling. Look for the next issue in April, as these will land every two months. I have a couple more comics that should arrive in print soon.

Congratulations to everyone involved!

SpongeBob Comics #1 features 32 pages of all-ages material, retailing for $2.99.

SpongeBob creator Stephen Hillenburg says: “All the stories will be original and always true to the humor, characters, and universe of the ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ series.”

It includes work by: James Kochalka (Johnny Boo), Hilary Barta (Fear Agent), Graham Annable (Grickle), Gregg Schigiel (X-Babies) and Jacob Chabot (Mighty Skullboy Army), Bob Flynn (Heeby Jeeby Comix), Bob Sikoryak (Masterpiece Comics), Mark Martin (Tantalizing Stories, Nick Mag), Rick Neilsen (Nick Mag), Andy Rementer (Technology Tuesdays), Corey Barba (YAM), David Lewman (TV shows that you have seen!), Wes Dzioba (Star Wars, Nick Mag), Vince DePorter (Scooby Doo!), Robert Leighton (The New Yorker)


Unknown said...

I love this little story! And your take on Spongebob, too. I'm always impressed with comic artists who tell nice concise one page stories.

Dan Moynihan said...

This is awesome, Bob! The colors are spectacular, and I love Spongebob's transformations.

Bob Flynn said...

Thanks, guys!

David DeGrand said...

Man you really knocked it outta the park on this comic Bob! Everything from the story to the inks to the colors is top notch. And I LOVE the Spongebob disco ball in the last panel, so awesome!!

Chris Garbutt said...

Just picked up the comic the other day and it's fantastic! Love the one-pager. Great job!!

surly hack said...

I also loved your one-pager (Hi Chris Garbutt!). Long live SpongeBob Comics!