Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Drip" for Heeby Jeeby

I posted this comic about a week ago on Heeby Jeeby Comix but thought it proper to repost over here (with process) because after all, this blog is Drip's namesake! So, in case you didn't make it over to Heeby Jeeby, here it is again:

Below is some of the sketching that went into writing this 2-page gag. I typically write in doodles. "Drip is awoken by vacuuming birds and retaliates."—that doesn't get me very far until I work out the individual drawings. Often, the drawings come before I've figured out the story.

The vacuum crew: big bird, little bird (circled).

And my pencil rough on copy paper, where I plan everything out.

Drip is an older character (spawned from a sketchbook around 2003), so I'm glad he finally made it into a Heeby Jeeby comic. If you're interested, here's an old post where I explained some of the story behind him --> (Drip!).

And finally, below is the comic I drew for ARGH!#5 in 2008, where Drip made his first major appearance. I noticed the quality in this earlier post wasn't so great, so here it is larger, less compressed, and hopefully easier to read (4 pages in two spreads).

This was when I was predominantly inking with nibs; now I use a brush pen. More info on ARGH! at its website, if you haven't heard me mention it before.

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Justin said...

You and Jim Woodring... creating some of my fav insane wordless strips ( ^_^ )