Thursday, September 09, 2010


I just realized I'm more than a year in on this sketchbook (first post)

Here's another dump of selects.

I promise to get some color work up. Lately I've been all brush and ink.

And I'd like to fill up this book before the year is out. Almost there!
You can see a bunch more by looking up my sketchbook label.


damon said...


David DeGrand said...

Holy cow Bob, these are incredible drawings!! My favorite is the one with the cat-like critter sitting inside the big blobby thing. Disturbing but kinda cute at the same time, I love it!

Raiben said...

Bob your sketchbook is wonderfull, i like the cat eating fish, is amazing. Are inkend with pentel pocket brush pen?

the pages of your sketchbook are good for the ink, are strong pages?

Chris Sabatino said...

Great stuff, Bob! Cat eating the fish is my favorite, too! Looking forward to seeing some color stuff.

Bob Flynn said...

Thanks everyone!
Raiben: Yep, inked with the same brush pen I've been using (pentel pocket brush). The book isn't anything special, though I've only been drawing on one side of each page.

Raiben said...

I undestand, thanks men!

Pedro Vargas said...

Ooh, nice creatures/animals! Love the guy living inside the big guy's stomach and the page with the screaming dude. The last one is great too! They're all wonderful!!