Wednesday, June 02, 2010


More from the sketchbook I've been keeping.

These last couple pages are from tonight.

You can see a bunch more from this sketchbook over on Flickr.


Louise Smythe said...

your lines are so nice! i love that guy's foot.

chrisallison said...

Man, your inks are STELLAR! You rule, Bob! I love how cartoony and fun your designs are.

Congrats on publishing Heeby Keeby Comix! That's great that it's such a hit with kids. Keep up the awesome work

Jason James Curtis said...

Damn Bob! You never fail to impress me. Your character designs are incredibly creative and your line quality is super-duper-fantastic.

I bow to you.

Sherm said...

I smell "mini-comic!" No, seriously...please put this out as a mini! So beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing it ^_^

Bob Flynn said...

Thanks! I was due for some time with the sketchbook.

Sherm (and everyone), I did print up a zine that I called "inkbook" for the Maine Comics Arts Festival.

David DeGrand said...

Man I love your sketchbook pages! I need to get me a copy of "Inkbook" right away.

Juan Pez said...

Me encantaron tus dibujos, tenes una linea muy delicada y eso esta genial.
sos un genio :D


Juan Pez


I loved your drawings, you got a very delicate line and that's great.
You are a genius: D


Juan Pez

Anonymous said...

I love your lines, man. Plus, these designs are so cool and fun.