Friday, March 26, 2010

The People in My Neighborhood

A few months ago, David Huyck asked me if I would design a print for the first edition (Volume 2) of his ongoing Cloudy Collection project. The latest edition went on sale moments ago (Noon ET, 9am PT), and includes a set of 4" x 6" letterpress prints by 7 AMAZING artists: David Huyck, Dustin Harbin, Scott MacDonald, Laura Park, Claire Robertson, Dave Taylor, and myself. Read all about them on our bios over --> here.

This edition is available to purchase for $35
(free shipping US & Canada!!) -->

Cloudy Collection (Volume 2 Edition 1)

A portion of the sales will go to The Nature Conservancy.

You can also subscribe to receive all 4 editions in Volume 2 (to be released this year), and receive a cool t-shirt designed by David Huyck and Chris “Elio” Eliopoulos.

Each edition is a limited run of 100 print sets. Here's an example of the first edition from a year ago which sold out pretty quickly. We all work in the same color palette (light blue and charcoal), with a theme—this one being "Who are the people in your neighborhood?"

I had a blast working on this drawing. These guys are my friends! I inked it with a brush pen on paper, and prepared the color plates in Photoshop. You know, it's odd that the colors ended up being so close to the blue/gray/white palette of my Jinx the Monkey website. It makes the "neighborhood" that more familiar to me.

Here's a photo of the actual print:

Congratulations to everyone involved–I can't wait to receive my copy of the edition. Remember, there are only 100 sets! Maybe one of them has your name on it.


Brad said...

great stuff! congrats on the print set too!

Kathy said...

Wow that is great. What a nice project to be involved with. Congratulations.

Bob Flynn said...

Thanks, guys! Such a fun group of prints! Am I right?

Chris Houghton said...

Too cool Bob! Way to go!